EMT 2018

EMT 2018
2018 Ecuador Mission Team

Join Us for an EMT Reunion!!!

Did you know that Whitefield has sent a team to Amor y Esperanza every summer since 2004?  This year's group of students was the 13th group to travel to Quito to work alongside Pancho and Pity in the Carmen Bajo neighborhood.

The concrete patio where we enjoyed recreation time with the Ecuadorian students everyday was poured (at least in part) by Whitefield students!  The classrooms in the building where we taught classes were painted by a former EMT group.  One of the students we met who has moved on from Amor y Esperanza after finishing the 10th grade was sponsored for years by a Whitefield graduate who first travelled to Ecuador in 2007.

Not only have the Whitefield teams impacted many lives and the ministry in Ecuador, but the relationships we formed have impacted us, grown us in our faith, and become part of our story.

Now it is time to get together to share our stories, to pray for Pancho and Pity, and to hear how the Lord is at work in the Amor y Esperanza Fundacion!

Please join us on August 4th, 7:30 pm, for dessert and coffee at the Faulk's home, 3515 Ridgewood Road NW, Atlanta, GA  30327.

For more information and to RSVP, click here.

How many members of this 2012 Ecuador Mission Team do you recognize?

Please share this invitation with anyone you are in contact with who has been impacted by the Ecuador Mission Team.  Parents, family, and friends are welcome to join us!